Because, aviously…

I have pre-ordered many albums from iTunes, because of the ease it provides.

I am able to wake up in the morning of the release, and the album is on all my devices already.

This morning I woke up, looking forward to listening to Linkin Park’s new album, The Hunting Party (of which I’ll try and have a review up tomorrow…instead of today, because of this story).

Except the album wasn’t on my iPad. And when I went to iTunes to try and download it, it showed up as “Purchased” with no option for downloading. The only ones on my iPad were the 5 songs that had come out before today (and had all downloaded automatically when they’d been released).

Now, you can give any solution you’d like…I tried them all. “Items not on this iPad”. “Restore hidden purchases”. “Signing out and signing back in”. Nothing worked.

So I contacted Apple, via chat, for help on this problem, and I found out that:
“I would like to inform you that the pre-ordered album could only be fulfilled on computer.”

The solution was to cancel my pre-order, and then go back into iTunes, and buy the album again. Which worked, and downloaded to my iPad.

But I gotta ask the obvious question: What’s the point of a pre-order, if I can’t receive it when it actually comes out, but rather need to cancel my order and repurchase it in order to properly download?

Should I also mention that I ordered a physical copy of the album from Amazon, that will arrive before I get home and have had a chance to download my “digital copy”……Isn’t technology great?

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