Because, aviously…

I went yesterday to the Bronx Zoo. I go there all the time, but this is the first time I’ve gone in the summer in a few years.

As such, I was able to go on Wild Asia, which is usually closed when I am there, and all the exhibits had a lot more animals then I remember, as they are all out in the gorgeous weather.

Below I’m gonna throw a bunch’a pictures, and give some back story when I have any.

Deer - Wild Asia

This was taken on the Wild Asia ride…in which the deer roam free, with over 70 deer in the exhibit – It was incredible to see!


Elephants - Wild Asia

These bad boys were also on display there, and are always fun to see.


Lions - Triplets

The lions last summer had baby triplets! On display was the mother, older sister, and the triplets. They are a little far away, but still a sight to see.
Update: I misspoke. These were actually quadruplets!!!


Tiger Mountain

The final three pictures are from Tiger Mountain, which lets you get up close and personal with tigers!

Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain 2

Tiger Mountain 3

BTW, as a side note: The tiger is my favorite animal, and this last pic, is exactly why.

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