Because, aviously…

Whenever I visit my sister in South Bend, Indiana, one of the places I love going to there is Breadsmith.

Breadsmith is an “Artisan Bread Bakery” that has amazing breads, as well as ‘desserts’, such as cookies and brownies.

When I went down last February to the D.C. and Maryland areas, I was happy to find a Kosher Breadsmith located there, and made a stop to load up before my drive back to Brooklyn.

Well, I no longer need to go travel in order to get to a Breadsmith.

Breadsmith is opening in Brooklyn!!!!!!!

The location will be on Avenue M and East 18th, and while the website still says “Coming Soon”, and doesn’t yet have the ‘dietary information’, such as if the store will be Kosher…one has to assume that based on the location, it would have to be Kosher.

I’m sure now that I have one near me, it will quickly lose its thrill…but I hope it doesn’t, and I hope I don’t get fat…

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