Because, aviously…

This post is the first in what will be a series of reviews on Hulu Original programming…and fair warning, they all are pretty darn good.

The Booth At The End
“A mysterious man in an every day diner grants wishes for a price.”

This show was originally part of FX and is now listed under the network of “Hulu Originals” on Hulu.

The production costs of this show are near nothing (relatively speaking), as the whole show takes place in the last booth of a diner.

The plot: A man (played by Xander Berkeley, from Taken and Terminator 2) sits in his booth, and fulfills peoples wishes and requests, in return for tasks that they have to complete for him, as told to him by a mysterious book.

The whole show is simply spoken word, of people recounting their tasks (murders, robberies, as well as good deeds), and the man taking notes in his book. So whilst the show gives good storylines and loops characters in and out very nicely, the fact that it leaves so much to imagination (as it doesn’t show the events) makes me feel like I am listening to a long drawn out book….which would take me half the time to read.

So far it has had 2 seasons, each consisting of 5 – 23-minute – episodes. I have reached out to the production crew about a possible third-season, and received a reply from Creator/Writer Chrisopher Kubasik:

The full series can be found here, and my rating is 7.5 out of 10.


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