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The Wrong Mans

The Wrong Mans was created by Hulu in conjunction with BBC Television.

With a first season of 6 episodes, each 29 minutes in length, this show is only three hours in total, that will leave you excited for Season 2.

The premise is quite simple: Our main character Sam is walking to work and witnesses a car crash, finding a cell phone ringing on the scene. Picking it up, he gets pulled into a world of kidnappings, sex tapes, and murder…all because he, as well as his co-worker Phil, picked up the phone, leaving them as the wrong mans.

Being a British show, it is full of their dry wit and humour (which I’ve come to enjoy). And whilst we in America are used to Dramadies (Drama + Comedy) taking an hour to play out in an episode, so as to get a complete storyline, these episodes don’t feel rushed, or lacking in story.

Find the full series here, and my rating is 8 out of 10.


This post is the second in a series of reviews on Hulu Original programming. Find the first review here: The Booth At The End

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