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The Awesomes

The Awesomes is another Hulu produced and air’d show, this one an Animation.

While most of my reviews come on Thursdays, this one was moved to Monday, as Season 2 Premieres TODAY on Hulu (Season 1 was 10 episodes long).

If you like Seth Meyers, then this show is for you (same if you don’t like him…it isn’t for you), as Seth plays the lead character (Prock Awesome) as well as serving as the Executive Producer alongside SNL long-time Producer Lorne Michaels and Mike Shoemaker.

The story line is simple enough to grasp: After Mr. Awesome, leader of The Awesomes, steps down, along with the rest of his team, Prock (Seth Meyers) steps in to try and fill his shoes, stopping crimes caused by Dr. Malocchio (Bill Hader).  Some of our other heroes include Muscleman (Ike Barinholtz), Gadget Gal (Paula Pell), Impresario (Kenan Thompson) and Hotwire (Rashida Jones). Other characters that flirt in and out are voiced by SNLers such as Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan.

While the show is funny, and brings in a load of SNL talent, it can seem a little bland at times, leaving those who watched Season 1 wondering if they’d want to watch Season 2.

Find the full series here, and my rating is 7 out of 10.



This post is the fourth part a series of reviews on Hulu Original programming. Find the other reviews here.

4 thoughts on “Hulu Original – The Awesomes – Review

  1. FrumGeek says:

    Hmmm… Superheroes…

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