Because, aviously…

Last Monday night I went to an event run by one of my former clubs at Brooklyn College…and I am saddened to say that the level of “caring for those in attendance” has gone down hill in the three years since I left.

The club running the event was one that I was involved in for my last three years at college, and which I was on the board of for two years; first as a Public Relations officer (a title that hadn’t existed for that club before that point) and the second as President.

This event had been publicized in the days leading up to the event via Emails and Facebook (although I am not on Facebook, and have not seen the event page, I was told what was on there…but as such, I will just stick to the emails, as those are what I know about), and they had sent out a full schedule for the night.

Here was the schedule sent out in an email a few days before the event and again 7-hours before:

  • 8:45 Evening Prayers
  • 9:00 Introduction and reading of Lamentations
  • 9:45 Speech by a former IDF soldier
  • 10:15 Inspirational video

A lot of people, such as myself, had come strictly for the prayers and reading of Lamentations, since we had to go home and go to sleep (either because of work early the next morning, or had been up since early Monday morning due to work; or a mixture of both).

Things started off smoothly, with prayers starting a few minutes late at 8:50 (this was expected) and the Introduction began the same, 5 minutes late…and that’s when things went off the rails.

Instead of the reading of Lamentations following the introduction, there was a 5-minute awkward silence during which a Skype call was trying to be set-up <still unsure what the call was for, and why we needed to be concerned with it>, and then the IDF soldier got up to speak.

At 9:40 they began Lamentations…at this point a few people had left (without hearing the reading, which had been the sole purpose of the event, with everything else supposed to be complimenting it) as they couldn’t hang around all night waiting for it to start, especially since the schedule was now unknown.

Just as unfairly, at 9:45 people started showing up, specifically to hear the IDF soldier speak…except that had already happened.

I spoke to a few people after the event, all of whom were upset in one way or another (either because the reading was late or because they had missed the speech), and I figured that the appropriate thing would’ve been an email sent out over the next day or two following the event saying “We are sorry for the confusion, and apologize for the inconvenience we may have caused”.

Except that never came…

There are times that as an alumni I am driven back to the college, especially for events like these, and then there are times that I am driven away…and as an alumnus, I can safely say, that once you are driven away from something, it is very hard to get them back in (BTW, most of the people who had to leave early, were alumni, as those are the ones generally with jobs to wake up to in the morning).

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