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Winter Village at Bryant Park

December 10, 2014

Love this place! Haven’t been yet this year, but keep meaning to go, first I need it to stop raining though!


“It’s a replica of the North Pole!” exclaimed 6 year old, Nadia Johnson, while waiting in line for her rental ice skates.  One of New York City’s biggest holiday attractions, Winter Village at Bryant Park, is now in full swing until March 1, 2015.  The annual event offers free ice skating, holiday shopping, and seasonal foods and cafés.

The 170′ X 100′ foot ice skating rink at Winter Village is the only rink in New York City that offers free admission, open daily from 8am-10pm.  If needed, rental skates can be purchased for $19 at the rink entrance.  Christopher Johnson, visiting with his family from Middlefield, MA, said, “We’ve been coming to the city for the past few years during christmas time and we love the family friendly atmosphere of Bryant Park.”

Along with ice skating, Winter Village has a seasonal open air market called The Holiday Shops which includes over 125 boutique-style shops set up in…

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