Because, aviously…

Lilyhammer is a Netflix show, starring former Sopranos actor and E-Street Band Member Steven Van Zandt, who plays a New York City mobster who is forced to go into witness protection, and chooses a place that he had seen once on TV (in the 1994 Olympics) as a “nice place”. The location: Lilyhammer, Norway.

The show has already put out 3 seasons over the last few years (in typical internet fashion, of full season releases once a year) and has Johnny (Van Zandt) has slowly but surely built his own little Lilyhammer territory, complete with his own bar, biker gang, and a load of government officials in his packet (I’m looking at you Jan).

Most of the show is in Norweigan, so if reading subtitles isn’t something you are okay with, stay away, but it is worth the time and effort for this show.

It’s fun, funny, and full of typical gangster related storylines.

So in your next TV lull (probably not until May?), try this show. 3 seasons, of 8 1-hour episodes, will give you a full day to fill 😉

Rating 8 out of 10.


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