Because, aviously…

When I saw ads and read previews for this show it was all about “The return of Kyle Chandler”.

And while John Rayburn, Kyle’s character, plays a major part in Season 1, I think the focus should be on the brilliant performance of one of the most complex characters currently in a show, Danny Rayburn, played by Ben Mendelsohn.

The show focuses on the Rayburns, and an inn that they run in the Florida Keys. With the parents running the inn, the siblings have jobs as a local deputy (John), pier owner (Kevin) and lawyer (Meg), and features the return of the oldest son (Danny) in the pilot episode.

But Danny’s troubled past, of which we slowly learn through flashbacks and flashforwards, seems to be putting a twist in this family’s story.

While most Netflix shows are addicted, and make you want to watch non-stop, this one is different, as it features a long, slow, deep storyline, that you want to keep watching simply to find out what will happen next, and what made all this happen.

You learn the family secrets, from cheatings to deaths, drugs to fires, beatings to mysterious money.

Quite simply this show is captivatingstellaroutstanding, and possibly the best new show this Spring.

One of the things that draws you in to keep watching, is the shows catchphrase, which is used more than once:

We are not bad people, but we did a bad thing.

What that bad thing is…and why you’ll want to watch this show…is what gives it a 9 out of 10.


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