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FREE TICKETS to “True Blue” – Celebrity Baseball Game w/ @CC660 & @7BOOMERESIASON

Next Wednesday, June 3rd, at 8PM WFAN’s Boomer and Carton together with the New York Yankees are holding a fundraiser event to raise money for the recent fallen NYPD officers.

What: True Blue
Where: Yankee Stadium
When: 6/3/2015 8PM

I bought a bunch of tickets to this charity event, and am giving them away to anyone that wants to go, just send me an email or tweet! (while supplies last).


Celebrities at this game include:

  •  Joe Torre (Former New York Yankees manager)
  • Rudy Giuliani (Former New York City Mayor)
  • Chris Christie (New Jersey Governor)
  • NY Yankees – Doc Gooden (Pitcher), Bernie Williams (Centerielder), Jeff Nelson (Pitcher)
  • NY Jets – Todd Bowles (Head Coach), Mike Maccagnan (GM), Eric Decker (Wide Reciever)
  • NY Giants – Steve Weatherford (Punter)
  • Coaches – Rex Ryan (Buffalo Bills), Chris Mullin (St. John’s), Bill Cowher (Former Steelers)
  • Among Others!

Full list HERE.


Death To Cliques, And Changing Social Norms – Pt. 3

Parts 1 and 2 to this conversation earlier in the week.

Today I want to focus on who is to blame for the anti-social standards set by cliques and the likes.

The focus needs to be on teachers, educators, student leaders, and others who fall into similar roles.

Sure they can’t force people to be friends with each other. But things can be done to make things more open for those on the outside, struggling to get in.

So what can we do to help?

  • Open up our circles to those sitting alone
  • Some sort of greeter program, to make everyone feel welcome at social events and public meeting places

Look, I understand that what I am requesting of people is unorthodox, and goes against all that the popular kids are used to. But there are a lot of really great people out there, who just want to feel welcome at events and have a feeling like they belong.

I am currently working on an active way to make all this happen in a college setting, and any ideas people may have on it would be greatly appreciated as we continue to try and work for more friendships and less loneliness.

Death To Cliques, And Changing Social Norms – Pt. 2

Part 1 to this study yesterday.

The next thing to look at are some of the responses I received from people, and all of these will obviously be unnamed, and vague so as not to “out anyone”.

I consider myself the greatest person to has ever lived =)…but I left a crap of a fraternity on that campus for the reason u stated and more

I went through the same thing that u are going through, maybe not the exact same way, or to the same extent, but i want u to know I’ve been there.

What you wrote in your note – definitely things which I think many others can possibly sympathize to……I used to feel the way you did in High School, I felt I was in a similar situation almost.

A lot of people felt connected to what I had said, and had either experienced it themselves or had wanted to say something about it for years, but had never gotten around to actually confronting the demons in the closet.

It is a very delicate subject, especially for those in the cliques that don’t want to change their ways.

But many people are left feeling alone, and floating out there with everyone making friends around them, and regardless their own character or outgoingness.

Tomorrow I’m gonna start to explore what can be done to change this, or maybe help the floaters out.


Death To Cliques, And Changing Social Norms – Pt. 1

On March 8, 2012 I opened up my thoughts to Facebook, and called out those who stood above everyone else and thought themselves to be better.

This “Open Letter” certainly upset many people, some because it appeared like I was pushing them away, and others because it acknowledged their bad behaviors that they didn’t want to confront.

Now, three+ years later I want to revisit cliques and how they need to end and how we could approach people and welcome them in, leaving everyone feeling like a part of this world.

I’m gonna start with a few quotes from that March 8th letter:

Because as some of you at Brooklyn College may have noticed, the school lives and dies on ‘cliques’, aka groups of friends, who you either belong to, or they don’t care about you.

I never actually joined a clique. So it was nice if I was there, but when I wasn’t, I wasn’t missed.

I don’t know what I hope to gain by writing all of this.
Maybe that all of you will change your ways of friendship?
Nah, that’s too much to ask.
Maybe just review who you are, and think who you may have hurt each day, by your words, or actions.

Now these are just a few select quotes from my letter, and if anyone is actually wanting to read the whole thing, I can certainly send it along.

Part 2 HERE

Social Media Trackers

Some people use apps or websites that keep track of who “Follows and Unfollows” them on Twitter or Facebook.

Now I’m not gonna lie, I’ve signed up for these in the past, and quickly unsubscribed after realizing how dumb it is.

Do we really care who follows us and who doesn’t (on a minor level)?

Sure you’d like to know when a celebrity follows you, but Twitter gives you that info themselves whenever someone follows you. So really you are just using it to know who has unfollowed you, and when.

But nothing good can come from finding out this information.

In fact, finding out such info can only lead to upsets and confrontations.

Wouldn’t it be better to just avoid that altogether and just be grateful for the followers you have, and are privileged to read your every insight?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Thank you to the men and women of this great country who died in the line of duty, protecting the freedom that we live and enjoy every single day!

Image from:

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My 2nd @Honda Carniversary

Last year I gave a full rundown and review of my car on it’s one-year anniversary/birthday.

Well today Mirage turns 2 years old 🙂 and she couldn’t be finer. Still working like it did on Day 1, I figured I’d update my review and see what things changed, or I’ve gotten used to.

2013 Honda CR-V

Cooling/Heating System – It may still be weak, but I have mastered the system a little better, to get the car to a more reasonable temperature in a decent time frame. No more driving all the way to work without heat this past winter.

Headlights – Just as worthless as day 1. Very dim and not much range on them for the road use. Although they are clearly on, as they reflect off of street signs three blocks away. I’ll also make note that the turn signals are extremely bright, and can light up a graveyard with ease.

Gas mileage – I’m very happy with my mileage on the car. A few months ago I stopped with the “Econ Assist” mode, since all it did was take away the ‘kick’ I needed when getting on a highway, and mileage wasn’t that great with it on (maybe due to having to press on the gas harder to get up to speed?). Even with it off now, I average about 21MPG, which is the same as I did after year 1, and I am now roughly double the miles (which means my driving habits haven’t changed).