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NYCFC #HudsonDerby

I went Sunday to Yankee Stadium for the first NYRB vs NYCFC game on our turf, and what turned into a disaster in the second half was a really fun experience.

Soccer at Yankee Stadium

This was the second time I went to a game this year and the stadium was even more packed this time, with only a stray seat empty. The full house led to a loud crowd, especially during the opening goal for FC (MY VIDEO HERE).

Future NYCFC players Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo were both in attendance (although the stadium choose a weird time to show them on the big board, right during a defensive stand…) and received a great ovation.

Lampard and Pirlo

Red Bulls fans also showed up in large numbers, and were given their own roped off section for the supporters, although their were other fans sprinkled throughout the stadium, leading to confrontations.
It also didn’t help putting them in the Upper Deck, as this led to them throwing beer down on the FC fans sitting below them…

Red Bulls Fans

Strangely after the half, NYCFC was all out on the field, warmed up and in position when the half-timer ran out, and the Red Bulls were still chilling in their locker rooms. Made for a fun picture (when up 1-0 and thinking they were too scared to come out 😛 )

Second Half Start

But in the end, a lackluster defensive showing led to a 3-1 Red Bulls win, and a very disappointed home crowd, mostly streaming out in the final minutes.

Final Score

Looking forward to August 9th and the third installment of this years Derby, back in Jersey!

Inside Out – Review

I watched Inside Out over the weekend, and I highly recommend it for adults and kids.

Inside Out

It is the story of the emotions in a little girls (Riley) head and how they play out when she moves to San Francisco. These five emotions at play for Riley are Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling).

One character that you don’t see in previews/trailers, who ends up playing a big role is Richard Kind’s “Bing Bong”, Rileys’ imaginary friend from childhood.

This movie takes the viewers on an emotional roller coaster, as it explores what happens to the mind when long term emotions take over, and all you need is the absence of joy to destroy core joyous memories.

Mind workers were also shown in the mind, randomly throwing thoughts into her mind, like songs that she’d hum, simply because they put it there (like me and “Take Me To Church” these days…).

In a movie depicting an 11-year old fighting her own battle of depression, it was sadness touching happy thoughts that were destroying them, and ultimately it was sadness that will pull her out of the darkest parts. And on top of that, it’s ice skating that truly pulled her away 😉
</End Spoiler>

Anyone that has ever suffered from depression, or knows anyone that suffers from it, will find this movie touching and entertaining.

Rolling Stone magazine’s review says:

Kids will probably roll with the abstract punches thrown by this burst of pure imagination. Parents and adults will liekly be traumatized. You’ve been warned.

This movie shines and gets a 9.5 out of 10.

Take her to the moon for me 😥

Bing Bong

NYCFC Derby Weekend #WinNYCFC

This weekend marks the second game between New York City Football Club (NYCFC) and the New York Redbull (NYRB).

The first match ended in favor of NYRB 2-1, but NYCFC heads into this game on a small winning streak and the Red Bulls having won their last game.

The intensity between fans has been at a high, with a lot of tension between the two groups, and I expect their to be a lot of incidents on Sunday, hopefully not in my section…although I’m only a few away from the “Away Supporters”.

Meanwhile the Empire State Building will be lit up in Blue or Red Saturday night, depending how voting goes via Twitter/Instagram/, and in early voting NYCFC had a commanding lead.

This will also be the second time this year I am going to a game, more on that here, and it should have about 50,000 fans at the Stadium for the game, which guarantees a great environment.


Playing The Markets

Late last week I reopened one of my trading accounts and started putting money into stocks again.

You always need to remember to buy enough shares to make it worth your money.
For example if it costs $7 to buy and $7 to sell (as it does on Scottrade), you need to make $14 on your shares before you start to actually make money.
So if you buy penny stocks, you’d need to buy thousands of shares to make enough of a move to earn that money back.

A good example is Apple. If you buy only a single share, at $120, you need it to go up to $134 before you begin making money.
On the flip side, if you buy 9 shares (costing you $1,080 before trading fees), the shares only have to go up to $121.50 (or so) before you start to make money.
Yes, you obviously have to have more money to throw into it, but you have potential to make a lot more money, not just because of the more shares, but also because you make up your loses a lot faster.

The flip side of course is if the stock goes down…you have the $14 lost + whatever the difference in the shares are.

I know that I go in multiple times a day to see how my shares are moving, and it drives me crazy.

And being that I am promoting buying multiple shares of things, I only own a few different companies at this time, since $ plays a key factor in buying more!

Amazon Basics

It is definitely not new, as Amazon launched Basics back in 2009, but it is still a very relevant talking point.

Amazon Basics is a line of (mostly) electronic accessories, made by Amazon, and costing the consumer a lot less then the comparable item from another company.

For example, an Apple cable from Lightning to USB costs $19 from Apple directly but only costs $8.79 from Amazon!

I myself have bought many items from them, including HDMI cables (which strangely don’t come with a lot of items that need them…) and chargers, and haven’t had any issues with them and they cost me only fractions of the price!

Amazon Basics

And as always don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Smile and give some money to charity!



Prime Time Sports Discussion

I personally hate prime time sports, but that’s because of my crazy sleep/work schedule. But let’s talk about it from an honest and straightforward standpoint.

Prime time is when sports are on every weeknight, because people are working all day…fine, let’s go with that.

Now what’s your excuse on Sundays? Ratings? Well, the ratings are mostly there.

For example Sunday Night Football ranks pretty high, and people are already watching football all day, so now you have a game stand out.

But what about Sunday Night Baseball?
The players hate it, because it’s an 8PM game, and sometimes they are traveling the same night for a game the next day (sometimes even at 1PM, which is completely unfair).
The fans hate it, because no one is sitting watching baseball all day and needs that extra cherry on top with a night game. And if you had planned to take your kid to a day game (as baseball is a lot more family friendly than football (thanks in part to prices)), that is now spoiled by the night game (during school season).

I brought all this up because of the US Open this past Sunday, and its post-10PM finishing time. While I’ve previously enjoyed watching the last few holes on a Sunday afternoon, I wasn’t about to stay up late for it…although if it was the last in a chase for a Grand Slam maybe I would’ve…

And what about the NBA Finals, starting an hour later than it used to. One can argue this is to make it easier for the Pacific States to watch, and in an interview I heard on The Herd with NBA commissioner Adam Silver he said that the ratings were successfully higher in the later slot.

Let’s make all weekend games be during the day, and treat Sunday night like “the night before a work day” that it really is.

A New Golf Era

After Tiger won his last Major in 2008 the sport of golf took a lull, and people wondered who would fill his shoes.

PGA Golf Tour

The answer came shortly after in 2011 with then 21-year-old Rory McIlroy and since has won a total of 4 Championships. He has also taken over the roll as the face of EA Sports’ annual golf game, with Rory McIlroy PGA Tour coming out next month, the first time without Tiger’s name on it since 1997.

But in recent months a brand new 21 year old has taken center stage in Jordan Spieth. Spieth has now won the first two Majors of 2015, in the Masters and US Open and has good chances of capturing the 2015 Grand Slam.

But keep in mind who currently holds the titles at the Open and PGA Championships, Rory McIlroy. These two kids are ruling the links and making golf fun and exciting to watch again.

In terms of the career Grand Slam, of which only 6 people have ever achieved, Rory is a Masters shy of it (at age 26), and as mentioned Jordan is now two away (at age 21). For reference Tiger achieved it at age 24, becoming the youngest ever (at the time)…can Jordan Spieth break that record? And can he achieve it in the same calendar year, something that has only been done once, back in 1930 by Bobby Jones?