Because, aviously…

Anyone who drives needs to have some things in their cars.

These things are there just in case, and hopefully should never be needed. But if you run into a situation, you’d be good to go.

Here are three things I have in my car (and their Amazon link, if needed).

  • Air Compressor – This handy device plugs into your cars cigarette lighter, and can fill up your tires if you are low, or even if you have a hole, it can sometimes get you filled enough to get to a repair shop.
  • Winter Kit – The one I bought is from AAA and has all sorts of things you hope to never need, things like strobe lights, fleece, mini-shovel, and a first aid kit.
  • Compact Jump Starter – No second car required to boost your car (or charge your phone, if you so choose), which can come in handy if you travel to rural locations in the colder months.

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