Because, aviously…

It’s the time of year when Amazon rolls out its Pilots, and one of this years Dramas is golden.

Sneaky Pete Sign

Sneaky Pete stars Giovanni Ribisi (DadsFriends) as Marius, an ex-con who takes on an assuming identity (Pete) when he gets out of jail of his former cellmate.

With Pete being away from the family so long (20+ years) his grandparents and cousins are none the wiser that this isn’t Pete and quickly lets him join the family’s “bail bond business”.

Sneaky Pete 1

This pilot is likely to get picked up for a full season, and even guest stars the creator of the show: Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), but ultimately needs the peoples votes to get picked up!

Breaking Bad in reverse.” – Cranston to EW

Watch the pilot episode here, and this episode gets a 8.5 out of 10.

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