Because, aviously…

A few months ago Hulu dropped the “Plus” from their paid version, and simply had Hulu.Hulu Logo

This led to them starting expansion, including an add-on for Showtime, and last Wednesday they unveiled their new three-tier program for Hulu.

  • Hulu – Free – This is the standard free version of Hulu, which allows for watching of the most recent episodes of some shows, complete with ads, sometimes a week after the air date.
  • Limited Commercials – $8/month – This is the former Hulu Plus, giving you access to all episodes of Hulu shows, as well as next morning viewing of your shows.
    This also has commercial breaks (which have seemingly become longer recently).
  • No Commercials – $12/month – All seasons of Hulu shows, and no commercials.

Epix is departing from Netflix in the next few weeks, and all of their movies will be hopping over to Hulu, so an added incentive to pay something for Hulu if you currently don’t.

Hulu Epix

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