Because, aviously…

Red Oaks is an Amazon Original show available to Prime members.

The show is about David (Craig Roberts), a 20 year old NYU student who is working a summer job as a tennis instructor at the Red Oaks Country Club in the 1980s.

From dealing with his parents, played by Richard Kind (Spin City) and Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing), to his relationship with his girlfriend (Gage Golighty) and other love interests at the country club (Alexandra Socha) this show is good for more than a few laughs.
Red Oaks Cast 2
Red Oaks Cast 1

You also have the typical side cast of 1980s characters to help bolster it. The friend who sells marijuana while valeting cars, a tennis instructor with a crush on all the members wives, the creepy mustached dude that takes pictures of everything, and of course the Club President (Paul Reiser) who runs a tight ship.

You know what we did back in my day to find ourselves? Killed Nazis. -Herb

Overall this show is solid and gets an 8 out of 10.

PS. There is one “Body Swap” episode between David and his Dad. It’s amazing in every way possible.

Red Oaks Poster

My selling point on a lot of these internet shows is: Try it. Worst case you end up watching the whole season and not liking it. But it’s only 10 episodes of 23 minutes…so less than 4 hours to binge it all.

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