Because, aviously…

We’ve all browsed those websites with singles, swiped through those apps, and simply spent time looking for the significant others.

But the thing that sells you most is that first picture you see. If it’s weird or a blank page, you are likely to swipe left or move on to the next profile.

So here are two common things that need to change on a profile:

  • Don’t put a picture of you and some guy up, unless there is a clear caption of who he is.
    It just leaves everyone wondering: “Who’s he?” “Why aren’t you dating him?” “Why are you on here if you already have a boyfriend?” Etc.
  • Unless you are a professional musician, don’t have your lead picture be of you playing a flute. It may be a nice hobby, and you may be really good at it…but if I put up a picture of me with an Xbox controller in my hand, would you be impressed?

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