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Flight Attendants on @SouthwestAir and Dr. On Board

I recently flew from Chicago’s Midway Airport on Southwest, and had a few untypical events from the flight crew.

Southwest in general has great flight crew, but maybe because of the 5:45AM (local time) flight, they were still waking up?
They were grumpy, didn’t seem happy to be there, and mostly were uncharacteristic of Southwest.

About 2/3rds of the way through the flight the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign dinged on/off a few times rapidly, and the flight attendant in the back went rushing to the front.
I picked my head up and noticed all the flight attendants and a few other people standing near the cockpit door.
In this post 9/11 age, my first thought was “Did someone just try rushing the cockpit?”.
But then I saw them looking on the floor in the entrance hallway, and the call then came over the system “If there is a Dr. or Nurse on board, can they please come to the front of the plane.”
Three people got up and headed to the front, two of which appeared to be medical students (based on age).
After a couple of minutes those two headed back to their seats, followed a few minutes later by the third guy and the patient himself, with a neck pad of some sort (too far away to see if it was a support piece or a wet compress).
The flight didn’t make any unscheduled stop, no emergency landing, and no emergency units came onto the plane when we reached our gate.

NHL Goes Pro & All-Star 3v3

The NHL has had a busy marketing week, and are ramping up for a great weekend.

On Tuesday the league released the Trailer for their new series partnered with GoPro, showing the game (or in Season 1’s case, practice) from the players perspectives.

This video features some of the leagues best players showing off their skills with their skates, sticks and gloves.
This has potential to be one of the most exciting technological advances in sports, since maybe ever.

This weekend is the leagues almost annual All-Star game, in Nashville, TN, this time with a brand new twist.

The game will feature 4-teams, one from each division, and have 3 mini games of 20-minutes a piece.
Game 1 – Team A vs. Team B
Game 2 – Team C vs. Team D
Game 3 – Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 3
The winners of Game 3 will get $1M.

But the biggest part of these games is that it will be 3-on-3 hockey. Lots of open ice, lots of fast paced play, and, as should be expected in All-Star Games, lots of potential for goals.

Yet the best part for most of us on All-Star weekend will happen Saturday night, during the Skills Competition. It will feature six-events:
– Fastest Skater
– Breakaway Challenge (No rules apply)
– Accuracy Shooting
– Skills Relay
– Hardest Shot
– Shootout (Shootout rules apply)

Mental Health Awareness – #BellLetsTalk

Today is the 6th Annual Bell Let’s Talk day.

The day is a Canadian based campaign focused on talking about mental health issues and encouraging everyone to talk their stories out.

Bell Media runs this program, and for every Tweet with the #BellLetsTalk attached to it will raise $0.05 for charity (towards mental health awareness), and similarly, every share of this Facebook post will raise the same.

As of 7AM Eastern Time this post already had over 25K shares.

The networks of Bell Media, which include TSN and CTV News, will feature lots of programming today, all focused on the topic.

Hertz Gold Rental

Hertz Gold Rental is the way to go.

With Hertz Gold your car is listed on a leaderboard when you show up, so you can head straight to your car with no issues.

And if you don’t have Hertz Gold…just sign up for AAA and instantly get that money back.

For example here is my rental information from this past weekend, in all cases I was booking a Mid-Size SUV for 3-day weekend rates:

I tried booking with Dollar, and the rate was $250.

Instead I then went and paid $52 for AAA, and with Hertz I rented for $102, a total of $154…a savings of $96 and I now have AAA for the year!

Amazon Prime — Tom Clancy Agent Origins and Uncertainty over The Man in the High Castle

Tom Clancy’s The Division video game comes out in March, and as we prepare for smallpox to overtake and quarantine New York City, the makers over at Ubisoft has decided it is time to introduce us to the unit known as “The Division”.

With that in mind they created a 30+ minute live-action video called “Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins”. The video is very well done, especially considering it isn’t a movie plot or a TV show, but rather a 30-minute intro to a video game, and definitely makes me want to get my first new game since NHL 16 in September.

The video can be watched HERE.

Tom Clancy The Division Agent Origins

I’ve pushed off watching The Man In The High Castle for a while now (or at least “a while” in TV binge watching terms), and I didn’t think I’d want to watch it.

The trailer for it just wasn’t attractive to me. I’d heard mixed reviews from friends/co-workers about the content. And dramas are generally not my cup of tea.

The Man in the High Castle Poster

To this point I am halfway thru Season 1 and am so far enjoying it. It hasn’t pulled me in like other binge-watch shows have (Hello Orange is the New Black or Kimmy Schmidt)…….but it hasn’t pushed me away like other new shows have (I’m looking at you Muppets).

I plan on finishing it over the next few weeks, before Spring TV comes to life, and in between Agent Carter (amazing start to that season) and a fresh season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Stay tuned to maybe a full review?

It’s Time For Drones

Amazon comes closer every day to making drone delivery more of a reality.

A new article, via engadget explains some of the quirks of their high flying delivery machines.

They will have different units based on locale, so that rainy areas and dry areas get their appropriate birds, and the same difference between areas with large fields vs. those with lots of tall buildings.

By tailoring them to where they will be used, this will help the drones keep from crashing and/or getting tangled in phone lines and crashing thru a living room window.

Two great quotes from the article, the first on how these drones will avoid trees:

These drones are more like horses than cars — and let me explain why. If you have a small tree in your front yard, and you want to bang your car into it for some reason, you can do that. Your spouse might not be happy with you, but you can do it. But try riding a horse into the tree. It won’t do it. The horse will see the tree and go around it. Same way our drones will not run into trees, because they will know not to run into it.

The other quote talks about those vigilantes who enjoy shooting drones out of the skies:

There is, however, no avoiding thieves with guns. The company’s hoping that people will get tired of shooting at its drones once the novelty wears off.

They aren’t sure where they will launch Prime Air first, as they continue to work with Federal Agencies to make it legal here in the States.

The Big Short – Movie – Review

The Big Short is based off of a Michael Lewis book about the housing bubble (and crash) that faced America in the 2000s.
After the success of his previous books–>movies, expectations were high for this film…and it didn’t disappoint. (Previous movies were The Blind Side and Moneyball).

Starring Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Steve Carell as money managers taking advantage of a governments oversights and frauds(?) to make millions and billions of dollars off of other peoples misfortunes, this movie takes the housing market to the next level.

The biggest issue of the housing market is that most of us have no idea what they are talking about when they use fancy terms, and this would turn people away from The Big Short, except the movie goes out of its way to explain it to us as simply as can be.
And to do that they call on celebrities, as themselves, to explain the terms to us in stupid ways…whether it’s Margot Robbie in a bubble bath, Selena Gomez playing blackjack or Anthony Bourdain cooking halibut, they will explain the toughest terms in the simplest forms.

Big Short Selena Gomez

This movie was very good, especially considering the seemingly dull topic it was covering, and gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Big Short