Because, aviously…

Someone pointed out to me a while ago that Amazon can put together order reports, so I figured I’d look into them and see how my spending has trended over the years.

My trends are in a scary uphill climb, that might taper off this year…or not…you know how that works.
But in my defense, I rarely shop any other online site, and I only buy food in stores anymore.
Last two years I’ve even bought rock salt (calcium chloride) in a 50lb bag off of Amazon. There’s nothing off limits!

2010: 9 items for $270.58

2011: 28 items for $834.88

2012: 44 items for $1,092.39

2013: 61 items for $1,390.75

2014: 82 items for $2,239.52

2015: 128 items for $3,700.26

Amazon Graphs

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