Because, aviously…

Tom Clancy’s The Division video game comes out in March, and as we prepare for smallpox to overtake and quarantine New York City, the makers over at Ubisoft has decided it is time to introduce us to the unit known as “The Division”.

With that in mind they created a 30+ minute live-action video called “Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins”. The video is very well done, especially considering it isn’t a movie plot or a TV show, but rather a 30-minute intro to a video game, and definitely makes me want to get my first new game since NHL 16 in September.

The video can be watched HERE.

Tom Clancy The Division Agent Origins

I’ve pushed off watching The Man In The High Castle for a while now (or at least “a while” in TV binge watching terms), and I didn’t think I’d want to watch it.

The trailer for it just wasn’t attractive to me. I’d heard mixed reviews from friends/co-workers about the content. And dramas are generally not my cup of tea.

The Man in the High Castle Poster

To this point I am halfway thru Season 1 and am so far enjoying it. It hasn’t pulled me in like other binge-watch shows have (Hello Orange is the New Black or Kimmy Schmidt)…….but it hasn’t pushed me away like other new shows have (I’m looking at you Muppets).

I plan on finishing it over the next few weeks, before Spring TV comes to life, and in between Agent Carter (amazing start to that season) and a fresh season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Stay tuned to maybe a full review?

3 thoughts on “Amazon Prime — Tom Clancy Agent Origins and Uncertainty over The Man in the High Castle

  1. The last few episodes completely changes the show. It becomes very scifi at that point, and it’ll leave you with more questions than answers. Good thing there’s another season on the way.

    Also, they’re apparently revamping the Muppets with a new creative team, as ABC didn’t like how the show was going, nor did the audience, I suspect.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      Even if they revamp The Muppets, I think they lost too many people on the failed first attempt to make a successful comeback.

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