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NYPD Needs To Blur The Lines #FixNYC

The NYPD has strict district lines. If something happens on a specific block, there is a precinct that is supposed to handle it.

While this is well and good, and helps make sure there are enough cops to cover the city, the lines it creates are absolutely ridiculous.
Here is a map of a recent example/incident.

NYPD Precinct Triangle

This is the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P. As you can see, the four corners of the intersection is divided into three different precincts.

The red circle is the location of a car that parks daily on the sidewalk, with the plates removed, and the VIN covered. But when an officer on the SouthWest corner was asked about the car, the response was “I can’t give it a ticket, because it’s not in my precinct.”

Let’s be clear. We aren’t discussing two different cities or towns. We are talking about New York City and the New York Police Department.
These officers, when on duty, should be allowed to give tickets to whomever they see committing a crime, within the five-boroughs.

Time to blur those precinct lines. If an officer can respond to a crime or sees something happening outside their lines, they should have full authority to.

2016 Oscars

Here are my picks for the 2016 Oscars.

Some are my personal preferences, and on some I will say who I think will win vs. who should. Enjoy!
PS. I’ve left out categories that I just don’t know enough about to pick from.

Picture – Spotlight — As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I think Spotlight is one of the stronger movies made in years. Unfortunately I think that just like the movie ignored the largest topic at hand, the Oscars will ignore this movie. Look for a win for The Revenant, and the upset likely from Mad Max.

Actor – Matt Damon, The Martian — Matt Damon had the smarts to get him home from Mars, and the role to land the Oscar. Oh, and yeah, I’ve gone there, Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) has never won an Oscar, and while he is heavily favored by most, I just don’t think this is the movie that’ll do it…but don’t worry, I’m usually wrong.

Actress – Brie Larson, Room — Brie Larson has slowly but surely been becoming one of my favorite actress, in The Gambler and now Room. While I would love a win for J-Law (Joy) I think she’s a long shot, with the upset factor being Cate Blanchett (Carol).

Supporting Actor – Christian Bale, The Big Short — One of the toughest categories for me to choose from, Bale was superb in The Big Short, and would be handed my award. But the Academy is likely to go with fan favorite Sylvester Stallone (Creed), but expect large resistance from Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) and Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight).

Supporting Actress – Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl — I loved her in Ex Machina, and this role will land Alicia the Oscar. The win should go to her, or more likely Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs). Rachel McAdams (Spotlight) just didn’t pack enough of a punch to move up this list, and Rooney Mara (Carol) didn’t bring her Lisbeth spark to this role.

Animated Feature – Inside Out — This movie won at the Critics Choice Awards as well as The Golden Globes. It’ll win here again.

Oscars 2016

Yankee Stadium Ticket Troubles and Why I Think They Exist

By now we’ve likely all seen the Yankees recent fallout with StubHub (and if not, here’s a link).

The issue as I see it isn’t so much that people are upset that others in their section are paying so much less than them (which is infuriating if you know you paid $100 for your seat, and the guy next to you paid $6), it’s about the clientele in the seats.

The Yankees tried to make this point last week…but came across as saying “We don’t want poor people in the rich seats”…I think it’s more like this:
If you are a ‘suit’ who pays good money to sit in the ‘rich’ seats, you like to go to the game and hang out with your coworkers/buddies, in your dress shirt/pants, maybe have a beer or two, and take in the game. But then the guy behind you comes in on his $6 seats, and he’s in a t-shirt and shorts, and is drunk by the 3rd inning, and in the 6th is throwing peanut shells at you, while him and his buddies get rowdy.

People tend to treat the seats with the respect they pay for them. If you paid $100 for something, you are going to treat it better than someone who paid $6.
It’s part of why people dress up to go to the theater and orchestra, because it is a performance, and you are paying for a high class experience.

On the flip side, the Yankees pockets play into it as well.
Sure they’ve already made the money on the tickets, so why should they care how much you sell it for on StubHub?
But what they forget to mention is that now that you need to sell it on TicketExchange they make money again.
If you think the team doesn’t get a cut of the fees on resales from TicketMaster, after all that the two do for each other…you’d likely be mistaken.

Desert Island – Books

We all know the “Desert Island” game, in which you choose things that you’d bring with you if you were stuck on a Desert Island for an indefinite amount of time.

The first one I’ll tackle is Books, and list five that I would want with me to read.
It’d be great to hear what books some  of you would bring with you!

  1. Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy — This book in the Ryanverse doesn’t include Jack Ryan, but it’s a long book full of lots of great action.
  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling — Arguably the best book of the Harry Potter series, with World Cup Quidditch and a Triwizard Tournament.
  3. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain — There may not be restaurants on this island, but any little tricks and tips of the kitchen that can be gleamed from this book would certainly be useful.
  4. The Crass Menagerie: A Pearls Before Swine Treasury by Stephan Pastis — Gotta have at least one comic book, and Pearls is one of my favorite series’ to read.
  5. Moneyball by Michael Lewis — This one will show you how to properly manage what you do have, and how to best plan out the future.


Deadpool #Review

Deadpool is the dirty Marvel movie that you never knew you needed.

Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, and it’s funny, it’s goofy, and it has no problem breaking the rules of TV and Movies: Breaking the Fourth Wall.
From cleaning dirt off the camera lens to addressing the person known as “Ryan Reynolds”. He hints to previous failed roles of his, such as Green Lantern, and to other real worldly items.

I may be super, but I’m no hero. -Deadpool

If you don’t like puns though, this movie would be a colossal waste of your time.

Overall this movie is a solid 8 out of 10.

PS. Please listen to Deadpool, and don’t take children to see this movie.

Love – Netflix #Review

Love is the newest Netflix show, this time from Judd Apatow, and stars Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Paul Rust (who co-created the show).

The show is a comedy featuring the lives of Mickey (Jacobs) and Gus (Rust) as they try to get their lives together following breakups.
What makes it great is that it spends equal time showing them from both sides, so you can see the thought processes of both, and you get to experience the obliviousness of one side as the other quietly falls for them.

Mickey also faces addictions with drugs and alcohol, which likes to mess with her love life and get in the way of making smart decisions in her quest for Gus’ affection.

“I’ve been asking and asking and I haven’t gotten anything……hoping for love has ****ing ruined my life.” – Mickey

This show is solid, but takes a tad too long to get to the good stuff, which as I’ve said before is crucial for binge-watch shows, and as such gets a 7 out of 10.

Love Netflix


The NASCAR season gets underway this Sunday with the Daytona 2016.

While last year was all about Jeff Gordon’s final run (which turned into a race for the Chase), this year was supposed to be about Tony Stewart’s final hurrah. That is until he injured himself a few weeks ago and will miss the opening of the season.
No word yet on if that will affect the final year, and if he’ll decide to stay longer to try and get in one last run at the Daytona 500 and the likes.
But here is the logo that was supposed to represent the year for the driver known as Smoke.Tony Stewart Final Year Crest

Another big storyline to focus on will be Kyle Busch. Kyle missed the beginning of last year with a broken leg, and came back with barely enough time to make the playoffs and walk away with the win in the Chase.
If I were putting money on it, I’d put him as a high favorite to repeat the Championship this year.Kyle Busch Championship Car

Other choices for me to win this year: Kevin Harvick.
He won in 2014, and he is one of the drivers of Stewart-Haas Racing, the team that I root for.
Others on the team are Kurt Busch, Danica Patrick, and the aforementioned Stewart.

The league has also increased safety on many of its courses, with lots of SAFER barriers added, especially at Daytona, the site of Busch’s crash last year.
Pictured below, SAFER stands for Steel And Foam Energy Reduction, which creates a “cushion” of sorts that absorbs the force of impact, lessening injuries when the car meets the wall.

SAFER Barrier in Milwaukee, picture from Wikipedia

SAFER Barrier in Milwaukee, picture from Wikipedia

NASCAR 2016 should be one great season!