Because, aviously…

Sophie’s Bistro, on Coney Island Avenue between Avenues O & P, has for years been a dairy establishment, and now they’ve expanded into the store next door and opened up a meat restaurant (both Kosher of course).

Yesterday was the first day that the new store was open for business (in what may just be a soft open, as they are still ironing out some kinks), and the place is loaded with potential.

With the same simple elegant look of the dairy place, the meat store has booths along the sides to sit in and when they are fully up and running will have a bar including drinks on tap.

I kept it simple for opening day and just enjoyed a burger and fries, which both faced the expected scrutiny of Sophie, to make sure the product going out would be top notch.

The menu is straightforward, and the prices are competitive and won’t break the bank.

Sophie Bistro Meat Menu

Sophie’s Bistro Meat Restaurant Soft Launch Menu

I’ll definitely be adding this place to my regular list of places to eat, and Sophie’s Bistro can now be my answer of “Where do you want to go?” before I need to decide if I want meat or dairy!

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