Because, aviously…

I’m sorry Will Arnett. I try watching your shows on Netflix, I really do…but no matter if you are trying to be funny or serious I just can’t get through them.

Everyone kept telling me that Bojack Horseman was funny. I had seen the Pilot and didn’t agree…but when enough people told me to watch it, I went back and watched more episodes…and still couldn’t get through more than a few.

But this weekend you came out with Flaked, which was advertised as a new start for you, and a chance for people to see you in a new light.
And with only 4-hours of show (eight, 30-minute episodes), it’s a very easy binge show. Yet I couldn’t do it.
I only lasted two episodes.

In other recent shows, such as Love, I’ve had to make it through three or four episodes before it got good…but at least the first few were manageable…in the case of Flaked I was just flat out bored and couldn’t make it past two episodes.

So I’m sorry Will Arnett. This isn’t to say I won’t keep trying on each adventure you try…but you still haven’t hooked me, a serial bingist.

5 thoughts on “Sorry Will Arnett

  1. Did you see Arrested Development?

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      Yes, and that was good. But not because of him, lol.

      1. GOB was my favorite character

      2. @iAmAviG says:

        I’m more of a Tobias person :p

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