Because, aviously…

This week is voting in NYC in the participatory budgeting. This allows districts to vote on how best to allocate the funds given to them.

The choices include improvements to public safety, transit, parks, schools and libraries.

You can visit the website HERE to see if your district is participating in the voting and where you can get your ballot.
I went to my local library yesterday to vote, and know that other branches will have it throughout the week, as well as community board location and of course Borough Hall.

Each district, with the money given to it, has different things on their ballots, but I was able to choose five items from a list of 13 that I favored giving money to.
Options included new vehicles for sanitation, auxiliary police, ambulance services; new playgrounds for schools; upgrades to libraries and greenhouses; street repaving and bus countdown clocks.

NYC Participatory Budgeting


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