Because, aviously…

NYC is always full of food wars. From dueling prices in pizza stores to Pret opening wherever Fresh & Co. doesn’t.

But the latest war has been in coffee stores. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks go head-to-head with locations seemingly on every other block.
For example I have two Dunkin’s and three Starbucks’ all within two blocks of where I work.

But now the coffee war has headed to mobile devices.

For weeks Dunkin Donuts has been warning customers to “link their mobile cards to their account” so that when the new Dunkin app comes, the transition will be smooth.
And you can be sure that I got that pop-up when I opened my app this past Tuesday.

Why Tuesday? Well, that’s the day that Starbucks rolled out their updates…without needing users to download a new app or making sure to link anything, as the update was self contained.

Meanwhile the new Dunkin’ app tries to finally offer mobile ordering…except no locations in the city seem select-able in this feature…

So Dunkin can keep trying to catch up, but Starbucks got the upper hand yet again.
But in reality I’m not going to either store because of their app. I go for specific items (Donuts/Muffins at Dunkin, and Madeleines at the ‘Bux).

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