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Bloodline – Season 2 #Review

The Rayburns are back.

Following the death of Danny, Meg is drinking her life away as a lawyer in NY, Kevin is facing bankruptcy at his boatyard, and John is thinking about running for sheriff.

But with a troubled family past still haunting them, Danny is never too far away. This season adds in his son, wife and former criminal buddy, all to stir up Danny’s drugs, and stir up the ongoing investigation into his death.

The flow of the show is better than Season 1, with the flash forwards/backs being replaced with conversations with Danny inside John’s head, it instead becomes about a lot of fantastic acting, all leading to nowhere.

For eight of the ten episodes (as opposed to the 13 of Season 1) the show is fantastic, while the storylines move absolutely nowhere.
But then come the final two episode, where it all starts to move along, leading to a last 30-minutes which will lead you to say: “When is Season 3 coming?”

What you have done could destroy us. – Diana

Season 2, the first eight episodes is only a six out of ten…gotten for the superb acting. But the last two episodes, along with the overall performance of the show, leave Season 2 with an 8 out of 10.

Bloodline Season 2

Finales Done Right

Finales are difficult.
If it’s a season finale, the writers need to tie up loose ends, but open up enough cliffhangers to make you want to come back for another season.
It it’s a series finale, they usually want to provide people some closure, or confuse people enough to make them hate the show and watch again (because we as humans enjoy that punishment).

Sometimes writers have the luxury of knowing that their shows are coming to an end, and have plenty of time to make everything fit neatly into the box (ex. Friends), while other times it is told to them after the (now) last season has already wrapped up (ex. Nashville).

But often times the writers know before we the public find out, and are able to gear the show in the right direction.

Two shows from this year that are good examples: Person of Interest and Nashville.

Person of Interest knew that they were getting a half a season in 2016, and that it would be their final one. As such, most of this year has the feel of ‘wrapping up’, and I like that, and hope that it finishes in a satisfying way.

Nashville had rumors all year of it coming to a close, but it wasn’t decided until after the show had finished taping that it wasn’t going to be returning.
As such, the “series finale” was treated like a “season finale”, but the feel of the episode was “The Writers Knew”. <No Spoilers> Wrapping up some storylines, tidying up relationships in one way or another, and lastly finishing with a big bang, that if it is indeed the series finale leaves enough to the mind that I am satisfied with it.
If they didn’t know OR if it does get renewed at some point, there is so much there to build off of.

Red Nose Day 2016

Today is Red Nose Day, which is geared towards raising awareness for children in need, poverty alleviation and world wide charities.

Money raised from Red Nose Day goes towards Comic Relief, just like it does in the UK, where Red Nose Day has been around for 25+ years.

NBC hosts a star-studded telethon tonight, hosted by Craig Ferguson and sponsored by Walgreens.

I personally bought my nose from Walgreens (for $1), and part of those proceeds from noses are given to the cause as well.

So put your red nose on, and head to their website to donate!

Red Nose Day

WLIIA Returns Again

A year ago I spoke about Whose Line Is It Anyways and how Aisha Tyler was sliding into her new role as host.

Well it’s safe to say that she has fit in well to her job, and the show is as funny now as it has ever been.

This week launched the new batch of episodes (the start of Season 12…but really filmed for Season 11), with special guests Alfonso Ribeiro and Keegan-Michael Key, and many games including fan favorites Irish Drinking Song, Scenes From a Hat and Weird Newscasters.

How can you see these, and not want to check the show out?


Sports and Mexico

When you go to a sporting event in the United States, you generally have flags for America adorning the stadium/arenas, and their is usually also a Canadian flag positioned somewhere.

No, we aren’t in Canada, but the leagues work closely with Canada, with teams located there in MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS.
And when a Canadian team rolls into town, out of respect both anthems are sung.

But what happens when we start putting teams in Mexico, as MLB has hinted to, amongst other leagues rumors?

I’m certain that we will start singing the Mexican National Anthem before games that feature teams from both countries…I personally know America’s National Anthem, as well as Canada, UK and Israel. I guess it’ll be time to add in the Mexican Anthem to my repertoire.

Funny enough, I wonder how many people can actually correctly identify the Mexican Flag that’ll soon be added into our ballparks and arenas…

Mexico Flag (B) - Hungary Italy UAE

Cimorelli – Up At Night #Review

Cimorelli, a group of sisters from California (previously mentioned here) dropped their first full-length album last week, entitled Up At Night.

Cimorelli Up At Night cover

While the album has a few good plays, including the title song Up At Night and Make It Stronger, it lacks that “finishing punch” that will put it over the top.
Which isn’t a bad thing on a debut album.

You’re wearing me down
I tried to keep these feelings out
But look at me now
I lost the fight

I’ve listened to them for many years, and they’ve had some fantastic covers (a few of them below), but the breakthrough for them is not here. With that being said, I hope they don’t give up but keep pushing out new stuff, while also continuing with the covers.

The album is a 5.5 out of 10.

My Fall 2016 TV Watching Schedule

With the Upfronts this week and the schedules out for the networks, here is the shows I hope to be watching come the Fall.

I’ll probably add some more new shows once I see the trailers and/or pilot episodes.
New shows trailers (that are already out) are linked!


9:00 PM — FOX — Family Guy


8:00 PM — CBS — Big Bang Theory (moving to Thursdays in November)

8:00 PM — FOX — Gotham

8:00 PM — FOX — 24:Legacy (NEW) (Midseason Launch)

9:00 PM — FOX — APB (NEW) (Midseason Launch)


8:00 PM — FOX — Brooklyn Nine-Nine

8:00 PM — ABC —  The Middle

8:30 PM — FOX — New Girl (Moves to 8:00 PM in Midseason)

8:30 PM — FOX — The Mick (Midseason Launch)

10:00 PM — ABC — Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


8:00 PM — FOX — Lethal Weapon (NEW)

10:00PM — ABC — Designated Survivor (NEW)


8:00 PM — NBC — Superstore


8:00 PM — FOX — Hell’s Kitchen

No Date Yet

CBS — The Amazing Race

You can find the full Fall schedule HERE

Fall TV 2016