Because, aviously…

Netflix dropped another Original last week, this time a French show entitled “Marseille”, and is similar to House of Cards only this time it’s a mayoral race.
The show was created by Carlocreator Dan Franck.

Marseille Poster

The current mayor, Robert Taro (played by Gerard Depardieu) is aging, and not running for reelection, instead passing on the torch to his 20-year groomed successor Lucas Barre (Benoit Magimel). But when Lucas doesn’t turn out to be all that reliable, Taro decides to stage a last minute entry, and run for his seat again.
With this sudden twist, his closest ally and current deputy becomes his greatest foe.
Robert Taro wants to win again for one reason and one reason only: He loves Marseille. More than anything else in his life.

This show is full of sex, drugs and political power struggles, with the mafia backing candidates in an attempt to stop the expansion and growth of Marseille, including plans of new ports and casinos.

Stephane Caillard plays Julia Taro, Robert’s daughter, and is possibly the star of the show, as she sees her closest friends turn on her, her father and mother get influenced by the elections, and her own private life dragged out publicly.

Marseille Cast Shot

One little side note, which I do not know if it was sponsored or not, is that Microsoft has the technology in this show locked down, from phones to tablets, it’s all Microsoft.

Very enjoyable, very French, and solidly an 8.5 out of 10.

If you need any more convincing, here is the trailer…which is all it took to get me to want to watch this show.

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