Because, aviously…

The Rayburns are back.

Following the death of Danny, Meg is drinking her life away as a lawyer in NY, Kevin is facing bankruptcy at his boatyard, and John is thinking about running for sheriff.

But with a troubled family past still haunting them, Danny is never too far away. This season adds in his son, wife and former criminal buddy, all to stir up Danny’s drugs, and stir up the ongoing investigation into his death.

The flow of the show is better than Season 1, with the flash forwards/backs being replaced with conversations with Danny inside John’s head, it instead becomes about a lot of fantastic acting, all leading to nowhere.

For eight of the ten episodes (as opposed to the 13 of Season 1) the show is fantastic, while the storylines move absolutely nowhere.
But then come the final two episode, where it all starts to move along, leading to a last 30-minutes which will lead you to say: “When is Season 3 coming?”

What you have done could destroy us. – Diana

Season 2, the first eight episodes is only a six out of ten…gotten for the superb acting. But the last two episodes, along with the overall performance of the show, leave Season 2 with an 8 out of 10.

Bloodline Season 2

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