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New York Knicks – All Time Team

Here is my All-Time New York Knicks roster, based off their time played with the Rangers.

Starting Lineup

C – Patrick Ewing – Franchise leader in Games, Points, Field Goals Made, Free Throws, Rebounds, Steals and Blocks. Only player in Knicks history with 1,000+ Games.

PF – Willis Reed – Captain of the Knicks and a 2X Champion.

SF – Carmelo Anthony – Top 10 in 3 Points Made, Defensive Rebounds, Minutes and Points per game, and (currently, as of 2016 off-season) has the best “Player Efficiency Rating” in Franchise history.

SG – Earl Monroe – 1X Champion and Top 10 Franchise Leader in Field Goals and Points.

PG – Walt Frazier – 2X Champion and franchise leader in Assists. 2nd to Ewing in many categories including Field Goals Made, Free Throws, Games, and Points.


PF/C – Bob McAdoo – Franchise Leader in Points and Minutes per game.

PF/C – Charles Oakley – Franchise Leader in Offensive Rebounds, and Top 10 in Steals, Rebounds, and Games.

SF – Bernard King – One of the most accurate shooters in Knicks history (shooting 54%).

SF – Latrell Sprewell – The American Dream may have had some choking issues, but he brought a spark to the Franchise, and is 9th in 3 Pointers.

SG – John Starks – Franchise Leader in 3 Points Made (and attempted) and Top 10 in Assists and Steals.

SG – Allan Houston – 2nd in Franchise history in 3 Points Made, and 4th in Points.

New York Knicks Logo

Ransomware and the Likes

Ransomware…It’s a scary thought for many, and an unknown for many others.
Basically it’s when someone hacks into your computer, and takes it over, not allowing you to access it (and your precious files) unless you pay a fee.

With this and a lot of other hacks, there are some steps you can take to make sure that if/when you are hacked, you don’t need to sweat that you can’t access your files, and you can just brush away the cyber terrorists.

For starters, back your files up frequently.
This can be done to the cloud (services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) which obviously face its own hacking failures, or on a hard drive you keep at home.
If you choose to backup to a hard drive, don’t leave it plugged into your computer after you are finished backing up, since hackers would potentially have access to those files and wipe them out before you knew they were in your computer.
Unplug it and keep it nearby, so that it isn’t a pain to backup (on a separate note, I keep my backup hard drive in a fireproof box, because if fire is what destroys your computer, it’s likely to destroy a hard drive sitting next to it, taking your files with it).

What happens if you are hacked?
One of the first things I would do is disconnect from the internet. Turn off the wifi on your computer (if you have a button that can put it in airplane mode, as some laptops do), or go straight to your router/modem and just flip the switch off.
If your computer can’t access the internet, the internet terrorists can’t access your computer.
This does NOT mean that your computer is home free. If they laid the lines correctly, as soon as you reconnect to the internet, they can potentially get right back in. And if they placed some sort of ransomware program on your computer, it can run without the internet.
So after disconnecting from the internet, it’s time to weed out the bad files/folders/programs and delete them all before you log back online. If you need help from an expert, there are plenty of computer geeks/nerds/techies out there that’ll help eradicate the villains from your computer.

Citymapper – App Review

Citymapper is your new maps app for getting from place to place, providing you aren’t driving.

It’s available for Google Play and iOS, and it’s the multimodal transit app.
Multimodal = multiple modes…and boy does this include it.

It’ll get you from Point A –> Point B with a variety of options. In NYC for example you have Buses, Subways, Trains, City Bikes, Ferries, Ubers and Car2Go’s.

When you start your route, it’ll give you up to the minute times, for all the subways/buses, including delays and reroutes that may be happening.
It’ll also tell you how long it would take to walk/bike the route, and what it will cost to Uber the route right now.

Here is an example from this morning, from Times Square to Yankee Stadium:


They give you the best suggested methods based on time, they give you suggestions based on only one mode of transit, and they give you options with the least outdoor exposure (Rain Safe), along with a futuristic plan for when the 2nd Avenue Subway kicks off.

Enjoy, and safe travels!

Amazon Prime Pilot Season 2016

The Interestings

Based off the Meg Wolitzer book, The Interestings is a story of a group of friends, formed in an arts camp as children, and how their lives played out.

Unknown crimes, huge fame, and mediocrity sprinkle through their lives.

It’s got just enough mystery to make you want more, but not great enough in the Pilot to crave.

6 out of 10

The Interestings Poster

The Last Tycoon

Based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald book, The Last Tycoon focuses on a movie lot in the early 1900s and the troubles it faces.

The Germans trying to take grasp of America, and prevent movies being made that would anger the fuhrer, the studios cave as Germany is the 2nd largest foreign market. This means the stopping of filming on ‘The American Dream – Minna Davis Story’, the big movie of visionary Monroe Stahr.

This show is loaded with talent, such as Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer and Lily Collins, but just like with the previous show, it’s interesting but not great.

6 out of 10

The Last Tycoon Poster

Democracy at Work

It’s amazing how many people I am seeing this morning in the UK who are furious with how the vote turned out…but maybe the louder voice wasn’t the voice of choice for the people?

Actually, we now know that is correct. The celebrities and personalities that are voicing their shame and upset in how Brexit turned out, clearly aren’t the majority, as it wasn’t a “Delegate Vote” but rather a “Popular Vote”.

The Popular Vote is literally the voice of the people.
If you don’t go out to vote, you only have yourself to blame.
But when everything is tallied, the views of the majority comes out on top.

It’s not uncommon for people to be upset with voting, as with anything else, when it doesn’t go your way you get mad.

Moto Surround Review

Moto Surround is one of Motorola’s BlueTooth headphones. The Surround ($55) are earbuds, while the Pulse ($30) is the old fashioned ear cushions.

With more phones heading towards no headphones jacks, I figured it was time to start trying bluetooth headphones.
If you aren’t familiar, more phones (such as the next iPhone and the Moto Z) are looking at a single USB-C port, to be used for charging or headphones. So you will need special USB-C headphones and won’t be able to charge while listening to music/watching movies.
Unless you go with Bluetooth.

The “base” sits comfortably around the neck, and the buds sit very nicely in the ears.

The Moto Surround, is easy to connect, on both Android and iOS. The music quality is really good, but sound quality takes a hit on phone calls.
The reason is that it feeds your microphone audio back into your ears, and you hear the background noise in real time and echoed in the buds.

This issue is likely a “bluetooth issue” and not a “Surround issue”, but now is when I discovered it.
When using them on Android, the device takes bluetooth audio delays into account and syncs it nicely, so the lip movement is in line.
But when using it on iOS (the latest version) my Hulu shows were off by 2+ seconds on lip flap, making it very hard to watch.

A decent bluetooth headphone, really great considering its price range, this pair of headphones gets a 7.5 out of 10.

photo from

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Extended Warranties and Your Credit Card – @Chase

When you buy an item, especially of value, it’s usually done on a credit card.

And what we often forget is that Credit Cards offer extended warranties.
Chase Freedom, 1 year. Citi Double Cash, 2 year. And I’m sure your cards have similar incentives.

But we never think about it nor take it advantage of it.

Recently my Moto 360 started acting up. Whenever it would have extended vibrations (phone calls, multiple notifications at once, etc.) it would shut off, and couldn’t be turned back on until placed on its dock.
And when it would start to recharge, it would pick up right from where it was before it died (if it had been at 81%, it would start from there, etc.).
So it wasn’t killing the battery completely, it was just shorting out.

Unfortunately it was 20 months after I had bought the device, and the Motorola warranty was for 12-months.
Something sparked in the back of my mind, reminding me that my Chase Visa Card extends warranties. So I called them up and told them my scenario, and they told me to send it in for an estimate.

Motorola reviewed it, and determined that it would cost $100 for repair, and Chase/Visa approved it.

Last week I got the Moto 360 back on my wrist, and the battery is as good as it was on Day 1.
I am getting full days (3AM-8PM) battery life, with more to spare if I needed it.

Thank you Chase and Visa for making it easy!

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