Because, aviously…

Orange is the New Black is back, and it’s more of a story than ever.
While Season 1 is the story of Piper Chapman, Season 4 has become the novel on Litchfield Penitentiary.

MAN. I did not see that coming. -Nikki

Last season I felt like Jenji Kohan had taken her foot off the pedal, and now I think she’s put it in cruise control.
The good thing is it’s set at 53MPH in a 45.
The show is going at full speed towards a solid goal…that we don’t know yet.

Gun to your head: would you eat ten dead flies or one live baby mouse?

OITNB Season 4

It’s simple enough to run down: Lolly is crazy; Crazy Eyes is blooming a relationship; Piper is Gangsta and running white supremacist groups; Alex is shaken; and that’s just the beginning!
Jewish/Muslim relations; Lorna’s marriage; and Judy King has joined the ranks, bringing celebrity fame to the trenches.

To be fair <President Obama> didn’t quite live up to public expectations.

The first few episodes don’t even seem to focus on Piper, as the story rounds out, but don’t be mistaken, Piper Chapman is the Sun and everyone else is the planets revolving around her.

We should host our own film festival, that celebrates the accomplishments of white people. But that’ll be hard though, because Morgan Freeman is in like everything.

This season is dark, it’s gut wrenching, and it has continued the shows excellence, maintaining a 9 out of 10.

Window Frame

When God gives you a swastika, he opens a window — and then you remember there is no God.

PS. Can someone please find me another show that can cut up a body while playing “Last Resort”?

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