Because, aviously…

Marcella is the latest British show to be a Netflix exclusive in America, and it does not disappoint.

Marcella Backland (played by Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies)) is a former police agent who comes back to the job, after an 11-year unsolved serial killer resurfaces, with an MO of zip-tying victims and placing a plastic bag over their heads.

The episodes are spotted with flashforwards (and flashbacks) that show you Marcella’s biggest flaw: she suffers from blackouts, sometimes for an hour or longer, during which she often gets violent and can’t remember any of it.

Will she find the serial killer? Is she the serial killer and simply can’t remember it?

This show is fantastic, and one of the better Netflix British shows so far, and easily gets a 9.5 out of 10.

Marcella Picture

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