Because, aviously…

Watching the Olympics is a classic example of people making America proud. From Katie Ledecky breaking her old world record in the 800M and winning by 11 seconds to Michael Phelps’ Olympic record of Gold Medals.

I focus on swimming specifically, because it was Maya Dirado that led me to this post.

In her first, and last, Olympic games she went against a tough competitor in Hungarian Katinka Hosszu (who has broken records and had 3 Golds this Olympics) and beat her by .06 in the 200m backstroke.

When she turned around and saw that she had won, the joy in her face was incredible. But more moving was her reaction, and the tears of joy in her eyes, as she received her medal and watched our Nation’s flag raised and Anthem played.

Maya Dirado wins gold

Maya Dirado wins gold 2

Very few things come close to being as patriotic than representing your country on a world stage and winning a Gold Medal, and having that anthem played.
As Team USA passes the 1,000th Gold Medal mark, we are spoiled, because think of all those countries that rarely win (or have never won)(for example, Puerto Rico getting their first ever Gold at these games; Fiji and Kosovo winning their first ever medals (both Golds) in the Rio 2016 games as well)).

I have no hopes of being an Olympian, but it would be amazing to one day make our country proud.

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