Because, aviously…

I’ve gone to the US Open in previous years, generally buying tickets day-of the event.

This year I went last week, during the free entry qualifying week, and had planned on going yesterday for the Opening Day of tournament matches.
I went so far as to reserve a space in the Chase Lounge, so I could grab some air conditioning and refreshments in between matches.

But then I went online yesterday morning, to the US Open Ticketing via Ticketmaster as well as secondary sellers (such as StubHub and TiqIQ) and found that the tickets for yesterday were no longer listed…

Let me explain the conundrum: The time on the tickets is listed as 11AM, so the US Open (and resellers) pull their tickets at 10:59:59.
But unlike a typical sporting event, these 11AM tickets get you onto the Open grounds from 10AM-4PM, and especially during this first week, can get you tens of matches to watch, both in the main stadium and the side courts, as well as lots of practice sessions.

Now you might ask: Why don’t I just buy tickets at 9AM? Well…they get cheaper at 11:30 🙂 While tickets at 9AM tend to be in the low $50 range, I’ve gotten tickets later in the day for $20…allowing me to spend that extra money on merchandise!
US Open 2016 Shot Glass

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