Because, aviously…

Sunday came in like a beautiful day and rode out like a storm.

Two sports lives lost: one a golfing legend and one a promising up-and-comer.

Arnold Palmer passed away at age 87, and was one of the sports’ greatest ambassadors, winner of 7 Majors and 62 PGA Tour events, a fierce competitor to the greatest golfer Jack Nicklaus, and a man whose name will forever live on in a great drink.

Tiger Woods and Fox Sports anchor Jay Onrait weighed in on the passing:

On the other end of the spectrum was Jose Fernandez. 24 year-old Cuban phenom, having a year that most pitchers would dream of, with 253 Strikeouts and an ERA under 3.

But it was more than that that make people moved by his passing. It was the pure joy that he brought onto the field with every game played.

This is one of my favorite clips, and memories, of Fernandez that will help build how people remember him:

Another great shot, showing him enjoying the game he loved:

Sports Illustrated will likely give the cover to Palmer…but Fernandez deserves one of his own.

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