Because, aviously…

Amazon has recently launched their competing service to Snapfish and Shutterfly, under the title of Amazon Prints.

It looks like it is handled by a company called S&D Prints, and for a limited time, standard shipping is free.

4X6 prints are .09, 5X7s for .58, 8X10s are $1.79 and photo books begin at $20. These prices are all very competitive, and for a limited time you can use promo code “BABY50FREEPRINTS” to get 50 4X6 prints for free, and no shipping charges at the standard delivery rate.

The prints that I’ve tried so far have been fairly good, and they are using quality paper with Kodak and Fuji.

Personally I use Snapfish for my photo books, which come out in amazing quality, and now that I have a few of them I am uncertain if I’d want to change to a new service, but the layout of “Design” looks extremely similar to Snapfish…so maybe a similar end product?


One thought on “Amazon Prints

  1. Josh says:

    According to the tracking email that is sent out when ordering prints from Amazon, they are clearly using Snapfish for their printing. S&D printing is likely just a cover name they created to try and mask the company they are working with. Considering Amazon and Snapfish pricing is identical, this is of no surprise.

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