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Google Games – Halloween Edition

For Halloween Google has created a brand new game, accessible through the Google App on mobile devices, in which you are casting spells in an effort to banish ghosts and ghouls who stole a book from the library.

With swipes and swishes, you make your way through 5 levels of lines, arrows and lightning bolts, battling against ghosts, cauldrons, and bosses to each level.

Halloween Doodle Game

You can also access it on a computer, with your mouse as your wand instead of the finger, through this link.

Good luck to everyone on this Halloween Day, and if anyone can beat my High-Score be sure to tell me how high you got!


Cubs vs. Indians

Chicago Cubs. Haven’t won in 100+ years. Hadn’t been to the World Series since the mid-1940s.
Cleveland Indians. Haven’t won since the mid-1940s. Hadn’t been here since losing to the Marlins in ’97.

Chicago has the Curse of the Billy Goat and Cleveland has the curse of a city…until this year, when the Cavaliers brought the first Professional Championship to the city and the minor league hockey team (Monsters) also won this year, while the Browns are just terrible.

So which team do I want to win? Well, as much as the Cubs have Theo Epstein (of Red Sox infamy), I just can’t stand the high horse that Cleveland is currently riding and I would have to say that I hope that the Goat is finally slaughtered.

world-series-2016-logo world-series-2016

Chance #Review

Hulu Originals has brought Hugh Laurie back to TV, in the role of a Doctor, who shares his name with the show name. Sound familiar?

Dr. Eldon Chance is a neuropsychiatrist who has patients that need help which is just outside of his grasp. Most of these people suffer from mental breakdowns after extreme accidents and sicknesses. One of these clients has a split personality and a bully of a husband. But with the help of some new found friends, can he make things right?

This new found friend is D (Ethan Suplee), an ironworker who likes to keep his cleavers and axes separate (but equally sharpened). His tagline?

There are no victims, only volunteers.

Chance’s past is unknown and spotty, as he goes through a divorce that he needs money for, but also has checkered teenage years to uncover.

This show is a nice change from most of the shows currently on TV, and gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Chance Hulu Poster

NYCFC Playoffs – Need Tickets?

New York City FC has made the playoffs, and that means Yankee Stadium will once again be buzzing in November!

This will be the first time they have made the playoffs, in two seasons of play, and with a new formation and goalkeeper, who knows what this unknown team will do come Sunday (on the road) and then November 6th here in The Bronx!

But if you are looking for tickets, to this or any (hopefully) future rounds, be sure to message me, as I have a few sets of seats, and will make sure you avoid unnecessary StubHub fees 😉


New Trailers

Two new trailers came out this week, which are both turning heads.

The first was for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and the return of our strange group of awesome misfits.
My favorite parts of both the trailer and the poster (below) is baby Groot 🙂


The other one that came out was the overly sentimentally sounding trailer for Logan.


I’m looking forward to both of these movies!

Tesla Drives On Its Own

Tesla is expanding and in the near future all their vehicles will come equipped with self-driving capabilities.

To show off these features they’ve put out a brand new video showing a car (with a driver inside) leaving its house and going for a ride on the highway before letting its driver out at the destination and going to look for a parking spot.

The Teslas will also have the “Summon” capability in the app, so that when you are ready to be picked up, the car will come find you…I smell a batmobile in my future.

Also, in regards to the new prototype chargers, I’m pretty sure this is how compact cars are made…

Calling Emergency Services

Have you ever had to call 9-1-1?

From the few times I’ve called in, it’s always a mixed bag of what you’re gonna get. Sometimes the operators are clear and understandable, sometimes they just don’t want to listen to the info you are telling them.

19 months ago I discussed one instance I had with a call to the NYPD, and since then I’ve had a few other calls, thankfully with better results.

A few months ago I called for a FDNY request at 3AM as I smelled smoke in the neighborhood. Amazingly I smelled a fire a mile away, and as I placed the call I saw the first trucks heading in the direction….a mix in smoke traveling in the nighttime winds and fires going undetected when everyone sleeps.

This morning I had another instance to call into emergency services, and it wasn’t the first time I had a call similar to this: There was a man walking along the Manhattan Bridge.
Yes, there is a walking path on the Bridge….but it’s separated from the car lanes, and he was wondering along heading into the city in the two car lanes.
As bad as it is to have someone walking on the bridge at night, add in a black hoodie and black pants, and it makes it really difficult to see the person, especially because you don’t expect a person to be there.

I didn’t hang around to see if they responded, but at least it was a painless process calling them this morning.