Because, aviously…

I didn’t do a Season 1 review, but let’s skip on ahead to Season 2 of the Amazon Prime exclusive.

Juliana Crane has now visited the Man in the High Castle and is equally wanted by the Reich and Kempeitai.
Joe Blake has stopped wanting to help the Reich but is getting calls from Hitler and his father, after all that he’s accomplished in grabbing the film.
Meanwhile, Obergruppenfuehrer John Smith faces the decision of his sons’ health and a disease that the Nazi’s would never let survive.
Trade Minister Nobu, after ending up in alternate reality America in the final scenes of Season 1, tries to decipher “What is the ‘Cuban Missle Crisis’ and ‘Lolita'”?
Frank, after his role in the shooting of the Crown Prince, and the subsequent arrest of Ed, goes back to making false antiques to bring in money.
And lastly the resistance, led by Lem and Gary, are getting more bolden and brazen working hard against the government on both sides of the line, as they try to uncover more of the secret films of the future.

Season 1 made this one a pretty good show, but Season 2 has really kicked it up a notch. And while the first was described by a friend as “Dark. As in they need more lighting”, the second season makes this show a must watch, filled with action, drama, and just plain old dictatorships.

Season 2 gets a solid 9 out of 10.

Man in the High Castle Season 2 Poster


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