Because, aviously…

After the exciting pilot on this Amazon Exclusive, the show shallows out for a bit, but picks up as the season moves along.

Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) has a new life, taking on the role of Pete, faking out his family and friends in the hopes of escaping his past (and the mob boss (Bryan Cranston)) and scamming fresh new people out of their monies.

With flashbacks to his past, showing how he got stuck with the trouble he is in, Pete shows off the tools of his trade trying to pickpocket and scheme his way through life.

As has become the norm for these binge shows, they are very weak in the middle but put enough at the back end to make you want more of it.

This show has gotten picked up for a second season, after the second largest premiere for an Amazon show (behind Man in the High Castle, and gets a 7 out of 10.

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