Because, aviously…

I wish the advertisements on Hulu were smarter.

They have my watching history, including what shows I’ve watched, which shows are on my watchlist and most importantly: What show I am in the middle of.

If I’ve already watched a show, there is no need to keep promoting it to me…but more importantly, last week I was in the middle of watching the second episode of 24: Legacy and in a commercial break they showed me ads to “Watch the pilot of 24: Legacy now on Hulu”.

You know I’ve already seen it. And let’s argue that you don’t know that it was me that watched it but another user (despite the newly added profiles), but you do know that I am currently watching the second episode…so ads for the first one are wasted on me.

The tech is all there, you have all my info, and I WANT you to use it. Now make the user experience user-friendly.

Hulu Logo

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