Because, aviously…

Girlfriend’s Day is a Netflix exclusive movie starring Bob Odenkirk as Ray.

Ray is a greeting card writer, two-time winner of “Best Selling Valentine’s Day card” who is down on his luck and fired from his job.
But with his limited skill set of writing poems and limericks, what other jobs could he possibly get?

But with the Governor of California announcing a new holiday called “Girlfriends Day”, they open a contest for the best possible greeting card.

Yet Ray’s inspiration has been fading for years after his wife left him (for Andy Richter) and he looks to a new girl, Jill (played by Amber Tamblyn), who has a thing for the creative types.

Have you ever heard of a competition though without a little resistance? Writers are getting knocked off, dirty tricks are in play, and anything could happen as the race for the best card is on.

Even though it’s a short appearance, any time Natasha Lyonne appears in a movie/show it always brightens things up for me, ever since I first saw her in American Pie.

I enjoy short movies, especially when they are not the best…but at an hour and ten minutes this is one of the shortest I’ve seen (even Legion‘s pilot was longer).
But the issue with this short movie is that is has a beginning, and then it has a middle, end.
It skipped out on part of a story and just jumped to the end. Could’ve had a little more fluff on it.

In the end, this movie will settle for a 6 out of 10.

girlfriends day poster

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