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Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On #Netflix #Review

Two years ago Rashida Jones put out the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, and it didn’t pack the punch it could’ve.

Now Netflix has turned it into a “show”, which in reality is six short extensions of the original. Each episode features a completely different topic, which will actually allow people to only watch the ones they are interested in.

The problem if you start with Episode 1 is that you are going to turn it off before you get to the most interesting episode (Episode 6), or the most powerful episode (Episode 5).

So instead of making you watch through all of them, and suffer, here they are ranked from “best” to “worst”. Remember that the show was rated a 4 out of 10, and this is mostly similar.

  • Episode 6 – The world today is a constant live stream, but when Marina Lonina streamed her friends’ sexual assault via Periscope, she got charged with “accomplice to assault, rape and kidnapping”. This episode explores her case, through the verdict.

    I should have just said no.

  • Episode 5 – They talk to a (married) cam girl about how sometimes a relationship is formed with their clients, and we see an American girl and an Australian guy get close, almost like therapists for each other. But when she finally goes to visit him, she realizes that hiding behind a screen doesn’t always play out the same in person.

    We sacrifice things we might not be comfortable with, to make other people happy.

  • Episode 2 – Former Big Brother contestant James Rhine is now a Tinder expert, going out each night with a different girl, and seemingly living the life. But when you breeze thru a date, and throw away each girl for the next one, without caring who you hurt along the way, how can you live a happy life?
  • Episode 1 – Female directors, a rarity in the industry, show their visions, including legendary photographer Suze Randall.
  • Episode 4 – They talk to a veteran male performer, as well as fresh talent, all while focusing on their talent agent, discussing how the industry is changing. But at the end of the day, with the consumers craving it, someone is going to do the job.
  • Episode 3 – Professional model Bailey Rayne show what it’s like to be self-employed in the industry, and together with agent John Steven they show what it’s like to help others break into the industry, and keep their head above water.

Buying/Renting Movies Online

When you go to watch a legitimate movie on digital, you are presented with many options, from Apple’s library to Amazon Prime and Vudu to Crackle.

But the biggest issue is: After you “buy” or “rent” the movie, where can you watch it?

If you bought it from Apple, you are stuck to watching it on an iPad, iPhone or Apple TV.
Bought it on Amazon, and you turn to the Prime Video app on iOS, Android, Xbox, Etc.
Similar for Vudu and Crackle.

But recently I started using a different service, one that we all use tens of times a week, but don’t think about.

Google Play Movies. The first thought is that these are only available in a browser or on Android devices.
But if you go to YouTube, log into your account, and visit your “Library”, your purchases all show up there for your viewing pleasure.

This means your iOS and Android devices, gaming systems (such as Xbox One and PS4), as well as your WiFi enabled DVD/Blu-Ray players can all access these videos.
Even devices that don’t allow app downloads, but have a built-in browser, can get to YouTube and access your purchased videos.

Now back to Rogue One and the bonus features…

Summer 2017 Movies

Here are a few of the movie trailers from ones I am looking forward to this Summer…needless to say, I am a sucker for sequels…
It also appears that this summer (like most) is top heavy, with not many big names in the second half.

May 5
Guardians of the Galaxy 2

May 26
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

June 2
Captain Underpants: The First Epic  Movie

June 16
Cars 3

June 23
Transformers: The Last Knight

June 30
Despicable Me 3

June 7
Spider-Man: Homecoming

Samsung Pay – Our Future is Here

Think about it for a second: For 50 years we used credit cards with magnetic strips, and in 2007 someone thought to use phones to pay for your charges.

They convinced some terminal operators to install “Tap to pay” options, using RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and/or NFC (Near field communication), to help progress how we make our payments.

But then Samsung entered the game with Samsung Pay, and said: “forget about tap to pay, let’s just use the magnet stripes again”. And suddenly, every Mom & Pop shop in America, who couldn’t afford to upgrade to “Tap to pay” were able to start accepting mobile payments.

Using MST (Magnetic Secure Transmissions) the phones send out a signal, that when held over the “swipe” part of a terminal, mimics the motions of a credit card so that new or old the terminal will still be able to send through the transaction.

For years we’ve taken technology and evolved it, and with it everyone has needed to buy new equipment. But what if we can evolve technology and still use the infrastructure that is in place across America?
Seems ideal to me.

NYCFC vs Orlando – Legends

Yesterday I went to watch NYCFC vs Orlando City at Yankee Stadium, as Cyle Larin scored two with an answer from David Villa and a 2-1 loss.

I sat front row in Legends, and as an early attendance gift got a chance to greet the Starting XI as they finished practice.

Clockwise from top left:
Maxi Moralez, Tommy McNamara, Maxime Chanot, David Villa, John Stertzer, Frédéric Brillant, Andrea Pirlo, Jack Harrison

The weather was beautiful, and it’s a shame they lost, but it was a great experience!

After the match, the players came by for autographs and to hand out signed “Mini Soccer Balls” as they do after all home matches.

Clockwise from top left:
David Villa, Sean Johnson, John Stertzer, Maxi Moralez, Ethan White, Miguel Camargo


ParkNYC is New York City evolving into the tech world, and by the end of Summer 2017 is supposed to be at all Muni-Meter locations in the 5-boroughs.

At the moment it’s mostly situated around Manhattan and hasn’t fully spread to the outer boroughs, but they promise that it’s going to happen in the near future.

When you pull into a metered spot in NYC, you log into the app, select the zone you are parking in (displayed on street signs, on the actual muni-meter, and on the map in the app) (and make sure to select your zone and not the one across the street or around the corner), and put “money in the meter”.

The trick will be to just put in the minimal amount, and keep extending until you leave so that you don’t overpay…but unlike a standard meter, or the current muni-meters, you can’t extend beyond the “Parking Limit”. And to help enforce that, you won’t be able to ‘park again’ in the same zone within a 30-minute window from when your max time runs out.

While you currently need to display a little ticket in your window, showing what you paid for, you won’t need anything in your car when you pay with ParkNYC. When the meter-agent pulls up the zone, it will show them license plates for cars that are currently parked there….and vice versa for when they pull up your license, it will tell them what zone you are currently paying in.
I think this does make it harder on them to walk around and look in windshields since they have to pull up your info to check if you paid…but on the flip side, the horse cops and interceptors can just drive by and never have to peek into your vehicle from their high mounts.

The app is currently available for Android and iOS.

Google Home + WiFi

Three weeks ago I brought up the point that Google should combine “Home” with “WiFi”.

It just made no sense to me for them to be two separate devices.

Well it looks like recent Google patents have them combined for Home 2.0, and that might be the cue for consumers to buy it.

Imagine that you have a device that can answer all your questions, play all your music, and has the ability to give you a better WiFi signal in that room.
It’d also make for speedier searches, as instead of looking to connect for a signal, it should always have its internal connection as an internet hub.