Because, aviously…

The Age of Spin is the first of two Dave Chappelle Netflix specials recently posted, and while I stayed away from it for a while (because I’ve never really experienced before) and thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, I sure am glad I changed my mind.

Standing next to OJ was his soon-to-be-slain wife.

Sharon, with all due respect, that murderer ran for over 11,000 yards.

I have always been a fan of comedy, loving the jokes from Robin Williams and George Carlin, whilst staying away from the styles of Jerry Seinfeld, due to his repetitive nature of jokes.

I have never been to the Oscars [before 2016], you’ve seen the movies I make.

But once I started this special, I couldn’t wait to hear the whole thing.
Dave is funny and fresh, and a welcome relief (and counterbalance) to Netflix’ usual humor of Adam Sandler comedies.

What’s up Kanye, why the long face?….’Oh, you’ll hear, I’ve got two mothers-in-law now.’

From Flint, Michigan to Nike, and from gays to blacks, no topic is off-limits for Dave, and unlike Amy Schumer’s recent horrendous effort, he delivers them all well, and they come across funny and not at all distasteful.

That’s why I don’t have a sneaker deal. If you say something they don’t like, they take your shoes away.

Chappelle currently has two specials up (and yes, I plan on watching the second one as soon as I have the time (or need that comedic pick-me-up)), and another one on the way.

You ever played the ‘Who suffered more?’ game with a Jewish person? It’s a tough game.

The first episode of the Special gets a nice 8 out of 10.

Bill Cosby is the Steph Curry of rape. The man is putting up real numbers.

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