Because, aviously…

Two years ago Rashida Jones put out the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, and it didn’t pack the punch it could’ve.

Now Netflix has turned it into a “show”, which in reality is six short extensions of the original. Each episode features a completely different topic, which will actually allow people to only watch the ones they are interested in.

The problem if you start with Episode 1 is that you are going to turn it off before you get to the most interesting episode (Episode 6), or the most powerful episode (Episode 5).

So instead of making you watch through all of them, and suffer, here they are ranked from “best” to “worst”. Remember that the show was rated a 4 out of 10, and this is mostly similar.

  • Episode 6 – The world today is a constant live stream, but when Marina Lonina streamed her friends’ sexual assault via Periscope, she got charged with “accomplice to assault, rape and kidnapping”. This episode explores her case, through the verdict.

    I should have just said no.

  • Episode 5 – They talk to a (married) cam girl about how sometimes a relationship is formed with their clients, and we see an American girl and an Australian guy get close, almost like therapists for each other. But when she finally goes to visit him, she realizes that hiding behind a screen doesn’t always play out the same in person.

    We sacrifice things we might not be comfortable with, to make other people happy.

  • Episode 2 – Former Big Brother contestant James Rhine is now a Tinder expert, going out each night with a different girl, and seemingly living the life. But when you breeze thru a date, and throw away each girl for the next one, without caring who you hurt along the way, how can you live a happy life?
  • Episode 1 – Female directors, a rarity in the industry, show their visions, including legendary photographer Suze Randall.
  • Episode 4 – They talk to a veteran male performer, as well as fresh talent, all while focusing on their talent agent, discussing how the industry is changing. But at the end of the day, with the consumers craving it, someone is going to do the job.
  • Episode 3 – Professional model Bailey Rayne show what it’s like to be self-employed in the industry, and together with agent John Steven they show what it’s like to help others break into the industry, and keep their head above water.

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