Because, aviously…

Dear Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix,

There is nothing you like more than to send me an email. But why are your emails all so pointless and useless?

Give me a list of all your original shows, let me check off the ones I’m interested in, and when the season starts again, at 3 AM the morning of, when you make it live, send me an email saying “Hey Avi! ___ is now available on ___!”

Instead on May 30th, I get an email from Netflix saying “F is For Family Season 2 Now Available”, a show I never watched Season 1 of, while House of Cards sits awaiting my viewing of the new season.

I may not want your random emails or push notifications for shows that are completely out of my range, but I would be 100% welcoming to reminders about things I care about.

I should not be the reminder to my coworkers and friends that “Mozart in the Jungle”, “Kimmy Schmidt”, or “Mindy Project” is back today. You should be doing that yourselves!

It shouldn’t be my job to put all these pilots and premieres in my calendar…it should be your goal to remind me what I care about, without spamming me in the process.

The goal is simple: Make a list for me to sign up for notifications about shows I want, and stop forcing Fuller House, The Handmaids Tale, and Bosch on me.


The Viewers

PS. Tell the advertisers that I’ll be tuning in at 3 AM to watch those shows, and they’ll pay extra for a demographic viewer!

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