Because, aviously…

The Rayburn family is back and in deeper trouble than before. With nowhere left to turn and seemingly no way to right the fast sinking ship, where will John, Kevin, and Meg turn?

When last we saw them, Danny was dead, Marco is lying on his floor with his head bashed in, and the deaths keep piling up against the Rayburns and sooner or later the law is bound to catch up.
But if they keep burying evidence and witnesses is there anything (or anyone) that can put this family in their rightful place?

We lied.

The show takes the time to get their act together, their ducks in a row, and tries to put a neat little bow on this story.
But before they get to the ending, they treat the viewers like a marlin. They reel us in, give us some more line, then reel us in again.
Yet with all of that, 10 episodes were way too long, and at times I was literally falling asleep during the season (something which I haven’t done during a good show in a long time).

You helped the family.

This show started off super strong in Season 1, had it’s moments towards the end of Season 2, but just flatlined and had some super acid trippy episodes by Season 3, and that’s why it gets a meager 5.5 out of 10.

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