Because, aviously…

It’s back and as riveting as ever. I rated Season 4 as the best season they’d done so far…and Season 5 lived up to those levels, keep the power couple at the top of the Netflix food chain.

One Nation. Underwood.

Fresh off an Islamic attack on American soil the President is gearing up for an election just weeks away, but as the day comes and passes, and the election left tainted and unclean, no President is ready to ascend to office.

The American people don’t know what’s best for them. I do. I know exactly what they need.

Tom Hammerschmidt is still searching to tumble the carefully crafted House of Cards, and Francis + Claire are still scheming and plotting their rise to ultimate power.

This season is as riveting as we have seen and never reaches the slowness that Season 2 stooped to.
But I like how the show skips the ‘big days’ and just tells us the results and what went down. Showing some of these days only to leave the same questions they already relay to us would be good for a “long-term weekly show” which needs cliffhangers throughout the season, but are unnecessary for a binge show to keep flowing.

I understand if you think I’m a monster…but I’d do it again.

There are two strange parts to me. The first being how Claire and Francis suddenly seem at peace with each other….loving and together at times, despite previous seasons’ fallouts.
The other is actress Patricia Clarkson and her role as Jane Davis….what a strange insert to the show. Seemingly placed there for the sake of “pushback to the Underwoods” she just doesn’t belong in the role she’s in, and could easily be removed to be replaced by better characters.

Meanwhile, Neve Campbell and Michael Kelly continue their outstanding roles as the hard hitting people behind the backbones that are trying to run the US of A.

This season continues the stellar role and gets another 9.5 out of 10, I can’t wait for Season 6…

My turn.

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