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Netflix has been pumping out one-hour comedy specials for a few years now (See: Amy Schumer, Hasan Minhaj, Sarah Silverman and Dave Chappelle) and they have now given six up-and-comers a half hour a piece for Season 1 of The Standups.
They are not connected to each other, and can be watched out of order, but are designed to be watched in a straight thru binge, as each episode almost hands it off to the next.

Six episodes. Six comedians. Six different styles. Here is my review, in the order of enjoyment:

Deon Cole
I knew him from Conan, and his style hasn’t changed much over the years. He is telling jokes and taking notes, and was easily the funniest one of the group, while also being the racist-joke-teller for the season.

I’m a racist when it comes to food. I want whatever nationality it is cooking my food. If it’s Italian I want some hairy guy back there cooking my food. I want some chest hair in my food. That’s what makes it authentic to me.

Nikki Glaser
I first saw Nikki in the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe where she killed it, and in recent years as Amy Schumer has fallen from her throne, Nikki is there to pick up the dirty jokes, covering topics from Match.com dating accounts to relationship etiquettes.

Skills? I take a nap. I took a two hour nap today where I dreamt of taking a nap. That’s my skill. But you can’t write that down.
I put running. I run if I’m chased or whatever.

Beth Stelling
Beth’s whiny girl delivery works for her, and she brings a good bridge towards the end of the season long binge, discussing babies and weight loss.

I’m not scared of an ugly baby, I’m scared of an ugly teenager. An ugly baby you just cover up with a blanket. Ugly teenager… that’s a lot of AP classes.

Fortune Feimster
Fortune is a Mindy Project alumni, with a decent delivery and good personal stories that get the crowd going, but only brought me a laugh or two.

It was a tough day when the gay community declared war on Chick-fil-A. I’m fat first, gay second.
Their chicken doesn’t taste like it hates gay people. It tastes very gay friendly.
Come on. Pick Subway.
You can take away my rights, but don’t take away my biscuits.

Dan Soder
Dan talks about his grandma and being a pothead. He gives Bargatze a run for his money at which can be unfunnier. They both drop a joke or two, but being the anchors of this show is a weird choice…

I live in New York City, no one ever looks up from their phones. It’s creepy. No one, in historically one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.
20 years ago, Yellowstone National Park introduced a pack of Canadian Wolves, and it completely changed the ecosystem, for the better.
I think we need to do that for NYC.

Nate Bargatze
It’s a shame that he’s the first episode because it almost made me want to turn it off before I got to the good comedians. If Netflix did a one-hour with him, I don’t think I’d watch it as he only had a few jokes that land. The rest is just one big storytime.

I only like precut apples. I’m not a horse. Can you people do work at the factory?
Or however apples get here.

6 thoughts on “The Standups #Netflix #Review

  1. Jonathan says:

    The Standups was awful. Episode 1, I forget the guys name but he was pretty good 8/10, every other episode 2-6 was just awful.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      I guess they promised these guys specials and realized they can’t give them a full hour…

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