Because, aviously…

Here are eight trailers that dropped at San Diego Comic-Con for movies/shows that I am looking forward to!

Marvel’s The Defenders
The shows leading up to this have been a mix of good, really good, really really good, and terrible. But from everything we’ve seen from The Defenders, it looks to take the best out of each character, and make them into a super-show to top all shows. I can’t wait for August 18th.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
The first one in this series was a surprisingly awesome movie, and the fact that they made a second was in fantastic. The trailer looks great, as we get a peek at the American counterpart to our British agents, and Channing Tatum has a giant lasso.

The Orville
I am not big on sci-fi shows (despite all my watching of Marvel shows), but I am big on Seth MacFarlane, and this show in space looks like it’s going to be hilarious.

Season 3 was darker than ever, which was to be assumed when we talk about Gotham and the world of Batman, but if you take a look at the review and look-ahead (which kicks in at 4:20) Season  4 looks like it’s going to be even better as Bruce finds his way into the role of Batman. Gotham will know fear.

The Gifted
The world is hunting X-Men, but when one of the leading enforcers own children become gifted, how will he handle it? This show looks promising but may be too late to the overly populated “gifted shows” scene.

Thor: Ragnarok
Marvel is three (well technically four) of these eight trailers, but as long as they keep doing a fantastic job, why wouldn’t they be? This is the third Thor movie, and the only one scheduled in Phase III, but it looks to continue the great box office run for Marvel.

Will Smith and Netflix. It sounds like a great recipe for a movie. But pixies and a strange looking trailer leads me to question if this movie is right for Netflix because it would be another box office failure for Smith?

Marvel’s The Inhumans
I’ll watch Marvel, no matter how it is spoonfed to me, even giving Legion a try (and I couldn’t last the season). This is another one that I am going to try but I don’t hold high promise for…

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Trailers From Comic-Con

  1. Well inhumans is just 8 episodes, so even if it isn’t good, it’ll be over quick.

    Orville looks like a loving parody of Star Trek (much like the fantastic Tim Allen/Allen Rickman/Segurny Weaver comedy Galaxy Quest). Seth has always been a huge Trek fan (there’s a reason why Stan’s boss from American Dad is played by Patrick Stewart), and Seth even appeared as a background character in the last Star Trek show, Enterprise, long before he got famous.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      (Y) Thumbs up on the comment!

      It’ll be like pulling off a Marvel bandaid?

      I never got into Star Trek…but Seth is usually a win-win situation.

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