Because, aviously…

If you’re like me (you’re not), you send people Amazon gift cards for gifts. Be it birthdays or holidays, or just a regular Wednesday, I send people digital Amazon gift cards to their emails.

Recently I was scrolling through my older Orders on Amazon and noticed that each digital card had a status on them, which if they have been used says “Redeemed”.

But sometimes you find unclaimed ones like I did from 2015 and earlier, and Amazon gives you the option to resend them…to any address.

Now if you are a nice person, or if they are a really good friend, you might resend it to them or remind them that they have money they never claimed.

But if you were just sending it to random co-workers, and they haven’t claimed them 20 months later, you can also send it back to yourself, meaning that (1) the money doesn’t just get added to Amazon’s profits, as unclaimed monies and (2) you get the money back that you spent and they didn’t have the courtesy to use.

And no, I have no regrets taking back gifts that the person didn’t use and forgot about.

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