Because, aviously…

David (played by Craig Roberts) is in New York City, working on his directing, or rather, becoming a “production assistant” (read: intern) wasting time running errands at an agency for nine months…and getting rejected over and over, on his ideas and in his relationships, all while fawning over Annabelle (Allison Lanier), a costume designer at their agency, who is in a relationship already.

Mr. Getty (Paul Reiser) is still in jail, receiving conjugal visits and recruiting David to help make a video to help save the Red Oaks country club, which is up for sale to the Japenese.
Misty (Alexandra Turshen) is back lifeguarding while being a dental hygienist all while dating Wheeler (Oliver Cooper), who is taking education classes at Columbia (after finishing Cornell…it’s amazing how well his brain works now that he’s given up weed), Nash (Ennis Esmer) is still pretending to instruct, while Sam (Richard Kind) is divorced and finding love.

Nash: What’s the situation in the showers?
Getty: Not gonna lie to you…The water pressure is not good.

This was announced as the shows final season, and the six episodes rightfully fly by. While all other seasons focused on the club, this season mostly takes place in NYC, and it’s a good season, but the weakest of the bunch, getting a 7 out of 10.
But when it’s all said and done, I’m glad they wrapped it up, instead of playing it out for too long.

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